eBlaster Monitoring

eBlasterIt’s easy to know what you’re kids are doing on their computer or online when you use the highly aclaimed eBlaster from SpectorSoft. That’s because this innovative parental control program forwards you by email the the activities your kids are doing on the Internet. This includes:

  • Their Chat Conversations (both sides)
  • Their Instant Messages (IM)
  • The Websites They Visit Such as MySpace, Facebook, AOL and Others
  • The Emails they Send and Receive
  • The Items they Search for on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Others
  • The Keystrokes they Type (such as passwords, usernames and others).
  • The Files they Upload and Download
  • The Pictures they View and Share
  • The Computer Programs they Use
  • Plus Much More!

With eBlaster, you specify the information you want forwarded to your email address and the interval in which you want to receive the information, and the software does the rest.

Everytime your son or daughter sends or receives an email, you will get a copy too!

Everytime he or she participates in a chatroom conversation or sends/receives an Instant Message, you get a copy too!

This Real-Time Notification can be priceless in situations where children are at risk. Say for instance that your daughter invites an online friend over to the house while you are gone or your son decides to throw a party while you’re gone for the weekend, you will receive notification and can prevent these activities before they occur! Here are a couple of examples.



In addition to forwarding you this data at the intervals you request, eBlaster can also notify you instantly when certain keywords or keyphrases you designate show up in emails, IMs, chats or on websites. Say for instance that your child is not allowed to communicate with a certain schoolmate or friend, you can watch for that person’s name or email. Or maybe you are concerned that your child is on drugs, you can monitor for any drug-related keywords to be typed into emails, messages and on search engines.

Parents can also have peace-of-mind with eBlaster that your child will not know you are monitoring his or her activities (unless you tell them of course). This is because eBlaster works in stealth mode and does not show up as a program, desktop icon and cannot be uninstalled without the password you set it up with.

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