Net Nanny Review

Whenever your kids go online and surf the web, are you sure about the activities that they are doing on the internet is harmless?

Net Nanny SoftwareAlthough the internet can provide your children with a lot of information that they can use for their studies, you need to remember that the internet is also full of websites that you can consider as inappropriate for your children, such as hate websites and pornographic websites.

With this around, you may want to make sure that they don’t accidentally visit such sites as it can only bring negative things in their minds and can affect their overall development.

If you want to secure your child from harmful websites and restrict them to websites that are informative and one that can help them with their studies, then you should get the NetNanny software. With this software, you will be able to filter out harmful websites. This means that your children will not be able to view harmful websites. It will block your browser from viewing the website by basing on the IP address.

The great thing about NetNanny is that you can customize what kind of sites that your children can visit and what sites are restricted. This means that you will be able to control your children’s internet activities even when you are not around.

So, if you want to protect your kids from the dangers of the internet and you also want to be a responsible parent, then it may be time for you to get the NetNanny software.

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