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With an estimated 1 Million  Pedophiles stalking the Internet these days looking for their next victim, parents must constantly be on guard to protect their children while online. One extremely valuable tool to assist parents in protecting their children is PC Pandora parental monitoring software. PC Pandora Monitoring Software for Parents

This powerful program gives parents an enormous toolbox of weapons to combat these pedophiles and keep them away from harming their children. Here are some of the features and benefits for using PC Pandora on your child’s PC:

  • It Monitors and Records all Emails for your review. This works no matter what type of email program (e.g. Outlook, AOL, Outlook Express, etc.) or free email client (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) your child uses. Even if your child deletes the email right after reading it, you will have access to it!
  • It Will Monitor and Record all Instant Messaging and Chat Sessions. This function works with all major IM programs like Yahoo, ICQ, MSN and more. This is a powerful tool as many pedophiles contact children using IM programs.
  • It is a Powerful Keylogger Software. PC Pandora captures and records every key stroke your child types on his or her computer. This includes hidden text like passwords. This helps in monitoring your child’s activities on services like MySpace and Facebook.
  • It Monitors, Records and Trackes all Websites Your Child Visits. This allows you to go in at your convenience and leisure and review exactly what your child does on his or her computer and while online. It works much like the play-back function on your VCR or DVD player.
  • You Have Remote Access from Practically Anywhere. PC Pandora has a built in IRIS feature which emails you all of the activity at intervals you choose. This allows you to view your child’s activity while they are at home and you are at work or away from town.
  • You Can Block Unwanted Websites. This filtering feature gives you the ability to prevent certain websites from ever showing up on your child’s computer. You can even write the text that your child sees if he or she visits one of these forbidden websites.
  • The Program is Completely Hidden. You can run PC Pandora in the open if you choose to discourage your children from misbehaving online or you can run it in stealth mode where it is completely undetectable and your child will not know you are monitoring him or her. This means it won’t show up in your computer’s program files, running programs, task bar, computer registry or anywhere else. It will be 100% hidden from view!
  • It Monitors and Captures Activity from Every Program on the Computer. You are not restricted to only monitoring internet and email activity of your child. You can also monitor everything else they do online. This can help you in making sure your child is not downloading illegal music, videos or software and running it on the family computer.
  • It is Really Simple to Install and Operate. In just a few minutes, you can have PC Pandora up and running on your child’s computer. It is really ease-to-use and comes with very good instructions.
  • Your Privacy is Protected. When you order PC Pandora, the name of the software will not appear on your statement. This allows you to keep it a secret if you are monitoring someone and you do not wish them to know about it.

If you are looking for a great way to protect your child while he or she uses the Internet or the computer, you should strongly consider this powerful software from PC Pandora. You will not be disappointed.

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