Spector for Macintosh

Spector for MacIf your kids are on a Mac and you want to monitor their Internet and computer activities, then you need to get Spector for Mac OS. Installing this software on your child’s Mac desktop or Macbook will be like having your own surveillance camera recording everything they do online and on the computer.

This software will be your eyes and ears while your child uses the Internet. You will be able to view any of their Internet activities including:

  • The Websites They Visit
  • The Emails They Read and Type
  • What They Do on Sites like MySpace, Facebook, AOL and others.
  • The programs or games they run on the computer.Macintosh version
  • What they type on their keyboard (including passwords and usernames).
  • Plus Much More!

With Spector for Macintosh, you will be able to review your child’s computer and Internet activities on your schedule. This means if you want to review it half an hour later, days, weeks or even months after they have used the computer. This is made easy because the software records and logs all activities and you can view them in the order they were done.

The software itself is remarkably easy-to-use. As a matter-a-fact, if you have ever used a VCR or DVD Player, you will be able to operate the software. It’s just like watching a video. It’s really that easy!

Spector for Mac is perfect for any parent wanting to closely monitor their children’s computer activities or for the parent who is worried that their child is at risk online. The Internet is a dangerous place, but this software gives you a weapon to defend your child online.

Another great thing about Spector software for Mac is that it is a completely stealth program. Your children will no know about it unless you tell them. It will not show up under programs or on the desktop and it cannot be uninstalled without the password you set it up with.

SpectorSoft is the developer behind this award-winning software. They offer free 24-7 support both online and by telephone. You will not be disappointed.


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  1. Teri Hunter says:

    I purchased this software and found that it does not record all keystrokes as promised. It did on previous versions of osX but now I am running osX.4.11 and it does not. COntacted the company and they know this is true but I don’t see any disclaimer on their site regarding this problem.

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