WebWatcher Review

Parental Control software doesn’t get any better than WebWatcher from AwarenessTech. This powerful software allows you to keep your kids safe online by:

  • Blocking Unwanted Websites
  • Recording Websites Visited
  • Taking Screenshots in Real Time
  • Recording Instant Messaging Sessions
  • Recording Emails and Attachments
  • Filtering Content and Sorting Data
  • Logging Keystrokes Online and Offline
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WebWatcher is an extremely easy software to setup and start using. Basically, you install the software on your child’s laptop or desktop computer. The software then works in stealth mode, invisibly recording everything that happens on the computer. It then uploads the information to an account online that you can access from anywhere (at home, at the office or anywhere with Internet access!). It’s all 100 percent secure because WebWatcher uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data and your child’s data. Only YOU will have access.

In addition to basic monitoring of online and offline activities, WebWatcher allows you to block websites your children visit based on the information you provide. It can block websites based on keywords or on actual websites you wish to block (this means you can easily block MySpace.com from ever appearing on your children’s browser!).

What’s really great about WebWatcher is just how easy it is to use. The development of the software was two-fold: data recording and usability. This means that the folks at AwarenessTech have done everything possible to make WebWatcher as easy to use for anyone (no matter your comfort level with a computer or getting online!).

Another bonus of WebWatcher is that the activity you see is near REAL TIME! You will see what your children are doing, when they are doing it! This is even true if you are sitting at the office and they are at home. You can immediately know if they are doing something that they are not supposed to be doing.

One main concern for many parents is that their children will disable the software. The fact is WebWatcher is 100% invisible to the user. This means your children will have no idea it is running if you choose not to tell them.

Our favorite thing about WebWatcher is that it comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if you’re not totally satisified, AwarenessTech will give you your money back. This is a no questions asked policy. You certainly cannot beat that!

You can click here to take the free test drive of WebWatcher by AwarenessTech.

8 Responses to “WebWatcher Review”

  1. Ron P. says:

    I think you are doing a great service and I wish I had known about you a year ago.

    I have unfortunately had to purchase the top three products you reviewed and it wasn’t until I found Webwatcher that I was truly satisfied.

    As the parent of four children, I needed to be able to monitor them while I’m at work so Webwatcher is the only software I’ve been able to find that offers that.

    I am extremely happy with the product and only wish I had found your site before I had purchased the others.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. John syke says:

    Ron, maybe you should think about why you’re at work while your kids are at home rather than trying to figure ways to spy on them? Do you know how to spend time with your kids? Clearly you don’t seem to value family first. Nice parenting. 10/10.

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