How to Block Websites from Your Children’s View

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to block a website from your children’s view.  Some categories of sites – such as adult sites –  should be blocked as a matter of course.  You obviously don’t want your children going to porn sites.

how to block websitesHowever, you may find that you want to block other sites as well.  For example, you may decide you don’t want your child accessing social networking sites…or you might just wish to block them from one site due to problems on that particular site.   Or you may want to block sites temporarily as, say, a punishment.

If you have a newer operating system, such as Windows Vista, you can use Parental Controls (in Vista this is located under Start/Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety) to block websites by site or by content.  These controls also allow you to restrict how many hours your children can be on the computer, what games they can play and what programs they can run.   Should you desire, you can even generate reports on their online activities.

Commercial Internet filtering software can also be used to block websites, keywords, and types of access (e.g. blocking chat rooms or P2P networks) from your children’s computer.  In fact, if your family shares a computer, you can create varying levels of access, allowing the adults one level of access, teens another, and younger children yet another level of access. A few of the better filtering programs are WebWatcher and Spector Pro among others.

Many Internet blocking software programs also allow parents to receive reports, even email notifications, when your child receive inappropriate contact, such as inappropriate emails or IMs.

Before deciding to purchase software to block websites from your children’s view, be sure to check out the built in protection that comes with your operating system.  Often you might find those parental controls are sufficient.  If not, make sure you read reviews to determine what software best meets you and your family’s needs.

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You should also consider WiHood, a new web filtering service for children that also provides every child with their own virtual desktop closing the digital divide while also protecting your children.

It is the newest generation of child protection and education services on the internet that goes beyond the standard parental software we have seen for years.

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I was looking for some of the ways for parental controlling.

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