How Do Kids Find Pornography Websites and How Can You Stop Them?

Generally speaking, kids find pornography websites on the Internet the same way adults do…they look for them.  Porn websites are actually hard to accidentally trip over nowadays thanks to search engine filtering that no longer allows them to pass themselves off as something else in the search results.  How Kids Find Porn Online and How to prevent it

Sure, a non-porn site could have given up its old domain name for a newer, better one, and had the old one bought up by a porn site.  That definitely does happen.  But the simplest answer is generally the right one…the kid didn’t accidentally go to the porn site.

Granted, should a kid go to a somewhat shady site, such as a warez site…where people go to try to download software illegally to avoid paying for it…he will very likely come across porn sites, links and banner ads because that’s how many of those site owners make their money.  Being curious, he may very well click on that link or ad.

And, having done so, even if he closes the window, he may be faced with another porn site after another after another.  Yes, even with a pop-up blocker.

But consider this.  Porn sites have splash screens.  They tell you “this is an adult only site.  Don’t enter if you aren’t 18 or older.”  Hmmm.  14-year-old boy?  Porn site?  Lie about your age?  Nah, never happen.

Frankly, a parent simply has to accept that kids, particularly boys, are curious and are probably going to search for something ”dirty” or titillating.

What can you do to stop them?  Lock them up in their rooms with no computers or phones with Internet access and throw away the key?  Well, it would probably work, but it seems a bit like overkill.

Spector Pro Parental Monitoring softwareIf you are seriously concerned about your child accessing porn, then consider using parental controls or Internet filtering software like Spector Pro.  They can be very effective.  However, remember that there are many other places your kid can access the Internet.

A good first step would be to sit down with your kids and explain about porn sites, how they demean women, how they present unrealistic views of sex.  But filtering software and parental control programs can give you peace of mind.

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