How to Filter the Content Your Child Accesses on the Web

Should you wish to keep your child from accessing certain websites – and are not confident they won’t try to sneak around behind your back – then you can use Internet filtering software or even the parental controls built into your operating system to protect them online.Filter Internet for Children

Depending on the controls or software you use, you can filter out specific websites, IP addresses, websites by keywords, (such as adult keywords) or even websites by categories, such as blocking adult sites, crackz and warez sites, and chat sites.

Not only that but you can filter out types of access, such as blocking instant messaging, playing online games or even simply surfing the web. Alternately, you could block all website access except to those sites you’ve whitelisted (in other words, approved) as well as restrict or only allow contact from specific people.

Filtering software also allows parents to set up varying levels of control, so that kids can access certain things, teens can access more, and parents can have unrestricted access. Good filtering software can also filter constantly changing websites, such as It also allows you to block out the release of personal information…the number one way predators can pinpoint your child.

Another thing to look for in filtering software is the ability to monitor, not just filtering or blocking because sometimes you, the parent, simply need to check to see if you need to take more drastic action.

And, of course, you want software that is easy to install and use. After all, if it’s hard to figure out, you are unlikely to use it as effectively as you could. Completely blocking everything isn’t always the answer, particularly when perfectly legitimate sites are blocked along with the ones you want to protect your children from. So check out filtering software and your computer’s built-in parental controls thoroughly to make sure they meet your needs.

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