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Internet Filtering Software: What Does it Do?

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Internet filtering software was originally designed to protect you and your family from online pornography. 

Internet Filtering & Blocking Software for ParentsTen years ago, Internet users would stumble across pornography constantly.  There seemed to be no way to avoid it.  In fact, had you typed in (instead of .gov) to go to the President’s website, you’d have been taken to a porn site.  Same for,…well, you get the drift.

As a result, a huge market was ripe for web filtering software to protect themselves from the onslaught of porn.  Some folks bought it to protect their kids.  Some simply to protect themselves. 

But, as with all Internet software that depends on keywords, there were downsides.  Superbowl XXX?  The poetry of Anne Sexton?  Breast cancer?  All were blocked by at least some Internet filtering software.  Indeed, the University of Kansas Medical Center library installed net filtering software on all their public computers…and users suddenly were unable to get into the library’s own website. 

Why?  Because it was the Dykes (pronounced “dikes”) Library…not to mention that it was a medical library website, so would have all sorts of “inappropriate” content…and the filtering software they had just paid to have installed blocked the entire website as porn!


How to Filter the Content Your Child Accesses on the Web

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Should you wish to keep your child from accessing certain websites – and are not confident they won’t try to sneak around behind your back – then you can use Internet filtering software or even the parental controls built into your operating system to protect them online.Filter Internet for Children

Depending on the controls or software you use, you can filter out specific websites, IP addresses, websites by keywords, (such as adult keywords) or even websites by categories, such as blocking adult sites, crackz and warez sites, and chat sites.

Not only that but you can filter out types of access, such as blocking instant messaging, playing online games or even simply surfing the web. Alternately, you could block all website access except to those sites you’ve whitelisted (in other words, approved) as well as restrict or only allow contact from specific people.